The Benefits of Checking in Online

If you are flying internationally, your airline may have offered you the choice of checking in online. With technology forever changing the way everything works, online check in will eventually take over checking in at the desk. If you are unsure if you want to check in online, read on for the benefits of doing so.

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What is Online Check in?

Nearly every airline now offers online check in, whether you book in-store or online. From EasyJet to Emirates airlines web check in, you can usually check in until 24 hours before your departure time. All you need is the full name of the main person on the booking and the flight booking confirmation number. If you frequently fly, you can also check in with your frequent flier card or the credit card number you purchased the flight with. Each airline varies slightly but you can book a seat, and then you will have access to your boarding pass.

Choosing Your Seat

One main benefit of checking in online is that you get to choose your seat in advance, a worry that families and groups of friends have when checking in at the airport on the day. This gives you a better chance of being able to sit together, or choosing a seat further away or closer to the toilets based on preference. If you are in a large group it may not be possible to choose seating together, it depends on the airline. The earlier you can online check in, the better the chance of getting a seat together.

You Won’t Lose Your Boarding Pass

If you are worried about losing your paper boarding pass and you have to check your pocket every 5 minutes, it may be worth checking in online just to ensure that you get your boarding pass on your phone. As we always have our phones on us, this is easier and means that you will not lose your boarding pass if you print it out. It also saves on paper so is better for the environment. Many airlines have their own apps that you can download on your phone, or you can even download your boarding pass onto your Apple wallet if you own an iPhone.

Skip the Queues

Although you will still need to check in your bags, there is usually a separate queue for those who have already checked in online and those who need to check in normally. All this involves is showing your boarding pass and then your luggage will be taken through as usual and passports checked. If you have young children this can be extremely beneficial, as we all know the pain of waiting in airline queues with young children.

Airlines will promote online check in as not only is it more beneficial for the environment, it saves on paper and personnel costs. Even if you have checked in online, you should still arrive at the airport at least two hours before your flight time to ensure you get through security.

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