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What makes a chef-d’oeuvre? If there was a specific formula to create a masterpiece, then all artists would have used it. But there’s none! Instead, a masterpiece of the pictorial equal of catching lightening in a bottle- a vector of time, location, mastermind and fluke. If we look back at tradition, masterpieces are made by portraying what haven’t been seen before. There are not better examples than the top paintings that are listed below.

Mona Lisa- Leonardo Da Vinci

The Mona Lisa painting is regarded as one of Da Vinci’s best artwork. This cultural icon is not only known for the poetry, literature or music it has inspired, it is also popular for its title. Painted between 1503 to 1517, there are two questions which pertain to the alluring portrait of Da Vinci: Who is she, and why is she smiling like that? There are no fixed answers to these questions, but there are many theories. While some believe that is was the painter’s wife, others think that she was the wife of a rich merchant. As for the smile, famous art painters have claimed that it lets people choose how to interpret the meaning behind it. Whoever she is, Mona Lisa’s painting is a real work of art. The painting is more a reflection of the landscape, rather than a portrait. It represents a peaceful relationship of nature and humanity. You can enjoy a game play while admiring this painter’s other masterpieces by playing Da Vinci Diamond slots at Aspers Casino Online. Themed exclusive on this top painter, the game features artworks like Lady with Ermine and Portrait of a Musician. You will also find the good work of various designers on the slot games proposed by Aspers Casino Online.

Girl with a Pearl Earring- Johannes Vermeer

Capturing the feminine mysticism, the Girl with a Pearl Earring, was painted around 1665. This artwork by Johannes Vermeer looks almost like a real photograph. Actually, there is a debate on whether the painter used a camera obscura to create the image. It is a plausible theory as lens grinding was famous in the 17th century. As for the subject, it is believed that she was the maid of the Vermeer house. Unlike the Mona Lisa, this artwork is not considered as a portrait. Instead it is a tronie, which relates to capturing mainly the facial features. The painting is also quite distinctive because of the puzzling smile of the subject. However, the most capturing aspect of the painting, is the dazzling gaze of the Girl. In whichever angle you look at it, you will see the girl looking back, creating a connection.

The Starry Night- Vincent Van Gogh

Vincent Van Gogh’s most popular painting is The Starry Night. Soon after having completed the painting in 1889, the painter wrote to his brother. In the letter, he described the starry night he looked at outside of his room at the Saint-Remy asylum. This is the same place where Van Gogh killed himself, during the same year. Just like he mentioned in the letter, the painting reflects the morning star, glowing under the darkness of the night. The painting, in fact, is the perfect mixture of both brush techniques and visual description. With waves of blue and white strokes, the painting shows a visionary expression of Van Gog’s state of mind. It is as if one could see his demons fighting- the wild night and the peaceful ground.

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