3 Tips For Safe Drinking While On Vacation

For most people, taking a vacation means the ability to try new things and let go of your schedule and responsibilities that you’re tied to at home. As a part of this, many adults choose to drink more alcohol while on vacation than during any other time during their normal routine. And while this can help you relax in your new environment and have an enjoyable time, it could also put you at a certain risk if you’re not careful. So to help ensure that you don’t get hurt, get into trouble, or do something you regret, here are three tips for safe drinking while on vacation. There are different laws of drinking around the world, so you may want to check out websites such as https://fakeyourdrank.com/ to look at getting yourself an ID before you go, to ensure that you can have one, however, like I will be mentioning here, you must do this safely and always be aware.

Always Have A Plan For Safe Transportation

For traveling around the country or city you’re visiting, there are likely quite a few different options for how to get from one place to another. And while you might have rented a car and were planning to drive yourself everywhere, getting behind the wheel after you’ve been drinking is extremely dangerous and irresponsible. Because of this, Chrisanne Grise, a contributor to the Huffington Post, recommends that you always figure out how you’re going to handle transportation before you even start drinking. This could include getting the phone number for a cab, hiring a rideshare service, walking, or becoming familiar with public transportation. Ideally, you should try to travel with at least one other person who won’t be drinking so they can help ensure that everyone in your group gets back to your accommodations safely.

Be Sure You’re Eating and Drinking Other Things, Too

On vacation, many people take every opportunity to indulge in foods and beverages that they might not ordinarily partake in, including drinking alcohol at every meal time. But to ensure that you’re taking care of your body the best way you can while doing this, Drinkaware.co.uk reminds that you should make sure you’re eating regularly and drinking beverages other than alcohol, too. By eating food before you drink alcohol, you can slow down your body’s absorption of the liquor in your bloodstream. And when you drink water alternately with any alcohol you’re consuming, you can guard yourself against dehydration and a hangover.

Keep A Constant Eye On Your Drinks

Part of being safe when you’re out drinking while on vacation is protecting yourself against being taken advantage of, be it physically, financially, or in other ways. To help you keep yourself safe, Nancy Trejos, a contributor to USA Today, share that you should keep a constant eye on your drinks. This means seeing your drink get opened, watching it be mixed or poured, and not putting it down where someone could slip something into it without you knowing.

If you’re going to be going on vacation soon and want to ensure that you’ll be safe while indulging a little, consider using the tips mentioned above to help you keep your wits about you while drinking.

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