3 Ways To Stay Safe When Traveling On Freeways

3 Ways To Stay Safe When Traveling On Freeways

If you spend a lot of time traveling, you’ve likely seen your fair share of car accidents scattered across the roadsides of every city or town you’ve visited. For most people, there will come a time in their life when they’ll be somehow involved in a similar accident. Some may even need the services of a car or truck accident lawyer, like the team at Vince Law Firm (https://www.vancelawfirm.com/truck-accident-lawyer-montgomery-al/), to get them the compensation they are entitled to. But if you take the necessary precautions, you can reduce the chances of you getting in a dangerous car accident, especially when traveling at high speeds. To show you how this can be done, here are three ways to stay safe when traveling on freeways.

Keep Lane Changes To A Minimum

When you’re driving on a freeway or even on a four-lane highway, there’s always the opportunity for you to pass another car that’s going slower than you might like. But while this might help you keep a consistent speed and give you more freedom on the road, lane changes also open you up to more danger, as this movement can put you in a situation perfect for getting in a car accident. Knowing this, AARP recommends that you keep your lane changes to a minimum. If you are going to be changing lanes, make sure you use your signals and that you always check your mirrors and blind spots.

Increase Your Following Distance

While there are some places where you can be on a freeway for miles without seeing another car, other areas of the country or the world are packed full of other cars on the roadways. In situations such as the latter, it’s important that you don’t allow this traffic to cause you to follow too closely to the cars around you. Especially if you’re driving around big trucks, you’re going to want to give yourself and the other driver ample time to react to anything going on around you. Because of this, Jana Rhodes, a contributor to MotoSafety.com, advises that you keep at least two to three car lengths between you and the car in front of you. If the weather is bad, this distance should increase even further.

Clean The Outside Of Your Car

If you’re not able to clearly see what’s going on around you when you’re traveling on a freeway, you’re going to be putting yourself and others in more danger than you otherwise would. So to help ensure that you’re able to see everything that you need to be paying attention to, the Red Cross suggests that you keep the outside of your car clean. By having clean and clear headlights, windows, and mirrors, you can give yourself the best vision possible when cruising down the freeway.

To help you stay safe when driving at high speeds on the freeway, consider implementing some of the tips mentioned above the next time you hit the road.

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