4 Tips for Spending Your Best Time at a Music Festival

There’s nothing quite like a music festival; it can be intoxicating with its flashy lights, the bass of your favorite band ringing in your ears. Listening to your favorite artist live among a sea of people who share your love for music is truly enigmatic and magical-a world of its own.

Hence, you may spend days choosing an event to attend, an outfit to wear, and more. Coachella is one such music festival known for its attendees’ fashion and makeup looks. Celebrities and common people alike tend to spare no effort in glamming up for the event. Some people may get their nails done to match their outfits, while others might even undergo beauty treatments. If you also want your skin to glow before the festival, consider getting a facial. To find a spa or beauty salon that offers such services, you can search online using phrases like “facial near me in Irving, TX” or similar others. Furthermore, if you want to look fashionable at the event, you can get some inspiration for your makeup and outfit from either your favorite celebrities or youtubers.

That said, while you’re planning for the festival, it’s easy to overlook the essentials, which can potentially turn an amazing day into a disaster. For instance, not being prepared for unpredictable weather conditions can result in getting soaked in the rain or scorched by the sun. Therefore, it’s crucial to pack items such as sunscreen, a rain poncho, a hat, sunglasses, and comfortable footwear. Your choice of these items should be based on the weather forecast and the festival’s location. These are just a few considerations, but let’s delve deeper into some of the things you should definitely keep in mind before and during any outdoor music event.

Don’t Forget Your UV Protection

Sun can be warm and good until after the festival you realize your body is burning like crazy. The sun protection gear should include:

  • Sunscreen
  • Sunglasses
  • A hat

Make sure your sunscreen is 30 SPF and higher, your skin will need a lot of protection. You can apply it under your makeup and on your whole body before you leave the house, but make sure you have the bottle with you to reapply later.

The sunglasses and the hat may hide your wonderful look, but they will also protect you from bright sunlight and overheating. You don’t have to wear them during the whole festival, so it should be fine.

Bring Your Water

It’s often impossible to get out of the crowd and then claim your place back during music festivals, so going out to buy some water might not be an option. Bring a bottle with you and make sure it stays cool for as long as possible. You can put it in the freezer before going out or put some ice into it before putting it into the bag.

Keep in mind that some events don’t allow bringing beverages with you but you can fill your bottle at a water station within the event area.

Stay Out of Trouble

All the fun at music events is often supported by alcohol, which often ends in one of the medical tents. Nobody is against a couple of beers, but keep in mind that alcohol dehydrates your body, not to mention headache and nausea the next day.

Plan Where You Go Ahead

Find out when your favorite artists perform and make sure you can get there beforehand. Listen to the announcements, maybe your favorites come on earlier or are getting late. Fans spend hours in front of an empty stage just to be in the front row, remember that as well. Also, a good tip is to have a meeting spot agreed on with your friends, so that if you go to different sets, you can meet at that spot afterwards.

These recommendations are easy to incorporate into your plans, but they can make your experience at a music festival truly magical!

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