6 Things To Do on Your Family Vacation in The Yucatan

Going on a family vacation to the Yucatan Peninsula is a wonderful opportunity to explore beautiful scenery, enjoy incredible food, and experience rich history.

Unlike some destinations which are more aimed towards adults, leaving the kids feeling left out, Mexico offers something for the entire family to enjoy.

Here are some of the best activities for families traveling to the Yucatan.

Explore Nearby Towns

While places like Cancun and Playa del Carmen are undeniably beautiful, they can be packed full of tourists. Don’t be afraid to rent a car and check out nearby towns which may not be as saturated with visitors. Just be careful to familiarize yourself with local traffic laws to avoid getting into an accident or pulled over.

Ask locals or your concierge for nearby towns that they recommend which you and your family might enjoy.

Go Snorkeling (or a wellness resort if you don’t fancy a swim!)

Mexico is known for its incredible beaches. From its east to west coast, Mexico is home to some of the best sites to go snorkeling and diving. The Yucatan Peninsula, in particular, is known for spotting turtles dolphins and even whales.

Your kids will love signing up for a snorkeling tour and exploring underwater. Going with a tour guide is best since they usually know the best spots to see the marine life. If the adults don’t fancy any water activities, they could visit a Wellness Resort in Yucatan, Mexico whilst the kids are having fun in the sea.

Visit A Cenote

The Yucatan is not only famous for its crystal clear oceans, but also for its cenotes. What is a cenote? The word cenote derives from the Mayan word, which means “sacred well,” which is precisely what it is. The cenotes are swimming holes filled with crystal clear water which the ancient Mayans used to believe were gateways to the Gods.

Good for swimming in, jumping in, and even scuba diving in, the cenotes are not to be missed if you’re in this area of Mexico.

Go To a Wildlife Park

Check out one of the many wildlife parks which are full of local exotic animals. There you will have the opportunity to see everything from monkeys to stingrays and even jaguars. In Xel-Ha, in particular, is excellent for checking out wildlife in addition to activities like aquatic zip lining and jungle trails, which are great fun for the kids.

Visit The Pyramids

The Yucatan is full of the famous Mayan pyramids. The most famous is, of course, is Chichen Itza, which can be accessed easily through a variety of day tours.

Since it is such a famous landmark, you will have to battle crowds; however, it’s incredibly beautiful and well worth your time.

Check Out Live Music

Mexico is one of the best places in the world to enjoy dancing and singing. Be sure to check out live performances while you’re in the Yucatan. You can see everything from live mariachi to rock concerts.

Wander Lusters

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