Adventure Ideas to Escape the Crowd of Tourist Destinations

If you’ve seen every popular tourist destination already or if you’re just into less known adventure spots, you have a chance to open a whole new world. You don’t necessarily have to fly to a place you can’t pronounce the name of on a helicopter (while you can do that as well if you like), aim closer. Here are some of the best destinations for adventure seekers.

Unexplored Trails in Vietnam and Laos

Think farther than the overcrowded paths and temples, and you’ll open rice terraces, caves that had been shelters for people during the Vietnam War, and untouched nature. You can also visit the biggest park in Laos called Nam Et Phou Louey that can show you wonders or wildlife but doesn’t get enough attention.

Greeting Gorillas in Rwanda

This is a perfect opportunity to connect with our species relatives, as gorillas and chimpanzees tracking in Rwanda continues to strive. There’s a lot of trails to walk to meet new friends, but you may need to save a bit before going. A couple years ago the country increased the price of the permits for animal tracking, so the prices for accommodation have also risen.

Hiking the Caribbean Heaven

There’s so much to see in the Caribbean, but tourists mostly opt for the shore and the beaches. A great number of rare parrots live in the area and you can go see them There’s also a chance to visit the local rainforest on Antigua and go dive into the atmosphere of Montserrat.

Samurai Trails in Japan

One of the least populated parts of Japan, the western part of Honshu, is filled with long-living legends. Here you can see the Takadono valley, the place that was one of the main sources of steel used in the creation of sharp samurai swords. The paths are pretty comfortable to walk on, so you will be hiking with comfort, having just enough time to get deeper into the history of the country.

Exploring Wilderness in Namibia

Plan a guided hike and explore the rich wilderness of Grootberg. You can also include a journey to the top of Crystal Mountain if you’re into climbing. There’s a chance of seeing rare wildlife that adapted to the harsh desert conditions and hundreds of thousands of stars in the night while resting under the skies.

Our planet has so much more to see than luxurious resorts and man-mage wonders. The nature, the animals, the sunrises and the sunsets, it’s all waiting for those who crave exploration.

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