Advertising can seem like a bit of a chore, particularly for small businesses or sole traders and it is often difficult to determine where to successfully invest with the expectation of ultimate growth. When I started off, I followed all the usual systems and applied generic advertising methods and failed to make any financial gain. It was only when I threw out the rule book and focused on my instinctive knowledge of my skills, values and personality, that my advertising began to bear fruit. My experience has taught me that, in the true spirit of an artist, the most important aspect of advertising is conveying your true colors and presenting yourself and your services as authentically as possible. Somehow, by doing so, your texts and images gain weight and become thought-provoking, striking and effective.

Thanks to my large readership, I have had the benefit of a considerable passive advertising income and when working with advertiser my main aim is to identify the company’s or individual’s authentic strength and qualities and present them in the strongest possible fashion. As an artist, the visual impact of the ad is extremely important and my design skills have allowed me to create powerful ads for clients.

Just consider some of the benefits and advantages of advertising on my website:

  • 14’000 Unique Monthly Visitors: Thanks to hard graft and a lot of trial and error my site records 14’000 unique visitors per month, all of whom either have an interest in travel, art, street art or in any of the services I provide. Any business related to those sectors has done well when advertising on my site.
  • Sharply Targeted Rather than Random: Unlike advertising in print media, radio or tv, online advertising is best equipped to target a particular interest group. By advertising on my site, you can be sure that all of my readers have an interest in the above mentioned areas, otherwise they would not have visited my site. Advertising has now become targeted and feedback from my current advertisers suggests that this targeted approach guarantees a considerable return on investment.
  • Design and Placement: As an artist the visuals of my website are top priority and I will only publish stunning ads that fit in with my content and my visuals. If you already have an advertisement ready to go, I will ensure that it corresponds to my requirements and I will implement changes boh for your and my benefit if necessary. Placement is just as important and we can jointly discuss your preferences and wishes as well as draw on my experience. By doing so, your ad will be effective and produce the desired results.
  • Links and Shares: An attractive ad will entice visitors to click on the link to your site and encourage shares. Because the readers represent a clear target group they are highly likely to go on to visit your website and share it with others.
  • Excellent Support Throughout: Myself and my team will be there to support you from start to finish because we endeavor to build long term relationships with our advertisers and are always glad to be of assistance.

How to Advertise on My Website

By contacting me and giving me a brief outline of your aims and expectations the process is initiated. With the information provided I will be in a position to provide you with a quotation as well as a plan of action. Once you are happy to proceed, the real collaboration commences, starting off with my finding of your authentic selling point. The ad is then created based on the information gained, placement and timing of the ad determined and finally, the ad is published.

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