Advice on Booking a Nice Hotel on a Budget

When travelling, most of us want as much comfort as we can get for a moderate price. Luckily, booking a nice hotel on a budget is quite an achievable goal. When I was a newbie in travelling, I had certain problems with it because I didn’t have enough money to stay at a good hotel. I wish someone told me these tips before I spend so much on additional fees and stuff. So, let’s get to the business.

Compare as Many Hotels as You Can

Wherever you go, there are hotels of different classes and for different budgets. Some increase their prices because of their brand, but in reality they can’t provide you with much more than that brand. Some less famous hotels will give you more comfort for the same price. Some will provide you with a lot of things, but their quality will be poor.

As there are a lot of things to compare, make sure you contact and research several hotels to make sure you get the best price, comfort, and quality ratio.

Book Through the Hotel’s Official Website

While you can use multiple websites to compare prices in different hotels, it’s important that you book directly with the hotel you choose. Booking services usually add their own fees to the eventual price, and often the difference is dramatic. Also, when booking through the hotel’s official website, you can be 100% sure you get what you book.

Bargain if Travelling Off-Season

Most hotels’ prices fluctuate depending on the season, with the highest prices being in summer and during festival days. During that time, they get loads of customers, so it’s not likely that they agree to make you a discount. However, if you travel off-season, you can contact them beforehand about your limit and ask whether they agree to meet it.

Also, remember that in northern countries, a lot of business hotels are in need of more customers in their off-season time (which is summer, logically). You can use that to your advantage and plan your trip to end up in a fancy hotel somewhere in Scandinavia.

Be smart about your trip plan, don’t fall for the first offer you see if you want to travel on a budget but have sufficient comfort. There are a lot of ways to get a good discount and lower the cost of your holiday accommodation to the minimum. Learn them and use them to maximize what you can get in any country you go to!

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