Best Summer Swimming Travel Destinations

Finding a perfect natural swimming hole is one of the most enjoyable ways to build memories with your friends and family, especially in the heat of the summer sun. The splashing, the cool rush over your body looking your best with one of your brand new modest swimsuits as you jump in the water, and the peaceful moments you find as you’re floating along simply can’t be beat.

Finding the best place to swim is easy. The web is full of juicy information on some of the nation’s most beautiful swimming spots. There seem to be too many, that you might be able to capture lots of aesthetic pictures near them. If you are lucky to get good pictures near the pool, and wish to update the same on your social media accounts, go for it. Again, if you’re not sure what words to post for the picture, you can find captions that are as cool as you on websites like! Start your research now, and check out these destination suggestions for the best summer swimming spots in America.

Sliding Rock, North Carolina

Sliding Rock is a 50-foot natural rock water slide. There’s a natural water pool at the end of the slide, so there’s no need to fear the landing. The rock is smooth, and the water is cool. The swimming spot is also not far from the very interesting town of Asheville, North Carolina.

You won’t find a shortage of culture and entertainment by choosing to visit Sliding Rock, North Carolina. Get out in the sun, and start your next adventure on this priceless piece of rock formed from nature’s organic power.

Havasu Falls, Arizona

If you’ve ever heard of Arizona’s red rocks, you’ll have more than just swimming to entertain you and your travel party. The Red Rock Amphitheater also has a history of putting on an epic show, if you can catch your favorite band on tour.

Don’t miss out on Havasu Falls while you’re visiting Arizona. The red rocks are made pale by the crystal clear, blue waters of the Havasu waterfall. If you’re looking for a spot that is a little off the radar of the crowds, this is it.

Hamilton Pool, Texas

You’ll have to get your hiking boots on to trek your way to this natural grotto in the woods. Less than an hour west of Austin, the Hamilton Pool is on a nature reserve.

There’s a waterfall spilling into the swimming hole that stretches 50 feet into the air, and plenty of depth for swimming and boating fun. Just make sure you’re up to date on your boating safety before you head out on the water.

Cummins Falls, Tennessee

Head to Tennessee’s Blackburn Fork State Scenic River, and check out an even higher waterfall. Cummins Falls reaches 75 feet into the sky, and provides a spectacular swimming spot for locals and travelers.

Opal Pool, Oregon

Opal Creek in Oregon is such a pristine location that the locals have worked hard to protect the natural surroundings or the area. When you visit the wilderness reserve, try spending some time unplugged from the technology that so adamantly runs through our daily regimen.

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