What grabs your fantasy about Catalonia?

Is it the markets? Or the night-life? Or just the unfettered beaches through the coasts?

Whatever your fancy might be, Costa Brava, the “rugged coast” of Spain has something for everyone. Stretching all the way from Barcelona down to the French-Spanish borders, it offers picturesque sceneries, wonderful nightlife and beaches aplenty.

The wild Catalan coastline is known to be wild, but, except for the wonderful beaches and the beautiful resort towns, it offers a lot of secrets to be unveiled too. This is why Costa Brava vacation rentals have become famous in recent times, grabbing the fancy of many a foreign visitor looking to let their hair down and enjoy the culture.

When to Visit

The Costa Brava weather is the Mediterranean. So, no matter who you ask, you will always have someone praising some weather or the other. The summer’s pretty hot though, with temperature’s rising to 77 Fahrenheit in some places, and the winter can even bring you.

Summer’s the time when Costa Brava comes alive with people from all over the world coming to experience the beaches. This is not the time to visit the place if you are looking for some cool down time away from daily insanity. Also, there’s the huge chance of facing huge crowded beaches all the time and not being able to party.

To be on the safe side, you can plan your Autumn vacations in Costa Brava, with the coastal winds and the pleasant temperatures all around, you would not have a reason to complain.

Where to go


If seafaring catches your fancy, Roses in the town to visit.

A quintessential Mediterranean town, Roses used to be a Greek colony. So, along with the beautiful beaches of the city, you can also relish in some historical tours. La Citadel contains some of the remains of the Greek and Roman architecture from bygone days.

However, it is the beaches that make Roses. The Bay of Roses is consistently voted as one of the most beautiful bays in the world.

The spectacular beaches are also adorned with Blue Flags, which means the water is clean. Go snorkelling, or if you so fancy visit around the town.

Santa Margarida comes highly recommended in particular. It has one of the best seafaring routes which you can explore by yourself and is smack within the residential area. With a small beach and shallow waters, you cannot go wrong here.

Add to this the famous town of Cadaques which is just half an hour away. This is the place to house the famous Dali museum. This town has inspired the likes of Picasso, so, if art makes your heart beat, you will not go wrong with this.

If seafaring doesn’t mean a lot to you, then you can indulge in the vibrant night-life which boasts of quite a few Michelin star restaurants and beautiful clubs. 


A seaside resort town, Blanes is known as the “Gateway to Costa Brava.”This is one of the nooks that is often forgotten by tourists, but, regulars appreciate so much more.

Four kilometres of clean water beaches adorn this small town. All of the beaches are clean and have lovely water, marked by the Blue Flags we talked about.

What sells Blanes is the culture and food. Unmarred by the usual onslaught of tourist, Blanes boasts of fresh food markets and fish aplenty. This is one of the only towns in the entire region to retain its fishing fleet, and the fish market is one of the major attractions.

Go inside the town, and you can enjoy the unfettered beauty of Catalonia, with local Tapas bars, music, and markets lining the city.

The best part of the catch remains that Blanes is very close to two of the most famous beaches of Catalonia, Lloret de Mar and Tossa de Mar both sit at a comfortable distance away. If you plan to make anywhere the base of your operations, it might as well, be Blanes to start with. With its idyllic beauty and quiet lifestyle, it would not disappoint. 

Calella de Palafrugell

Small coves are aplenty in this quaint little Spanish town. The images you have seen of white houses and narrow streets in the movies that are what this town embodies.

The entire port region is seen as a World Heritage Site, because of the rich texture it holds. One of the highlights of the part is, of course, the famous arches, which look onto the sea. Small history fact, these are the places where the sailors of old would repair and work, but, now, several wonderful restaurants look into the sea from the arches.

Cap Roig is another place to visit. Seen as the best Botanical garden of the entire Mediterranean, it is the place to relax at and see some of the beauty that makes this part of the world so beautiful.
San Sebastián de la Guarda is another place to visit. An archaeological marvel, this is a quaint little village that has stood the test of time for a whopping 7000 years!

Year-round events are feasting on sea urchins and enjoying the change of seasons here, so, you can party when you wish to. However, this place comes recommended for the serene blue beaches which remain untouched and are beautiful to see.

What to do

Relax at the beaches

If Blanes or Roses are your first destinations, you would be welcomed by quiet beaches you can relax at. Ask the locals about the nearby coves where you can let go of your inhibitions and relax for hours at an end.

Enjoy the subsets by the Bay of Roses, party at Lloret de Mar and Torsa de Mar, and you would have had the most Catalonian experience!

Let your hair down

If partying is what holds your fancy, you should be getting down at Torsa de Mar any day now. A favourite with teenagers, the place holds a vibrant culture of Spain at its heart. You can let your hair down, go through the entire night and enjoy the nightlife.

Explore the food

The seafood in Costa Brava is something to be relished. If you are not set on what to do and wish to rest a little, set yourself in a small Tapas bar by a beach and enjoy the food they serve. As a bonus, you will meet the locals and hear a lot of music that forms the central part of every Catalonian’s heart.

Indulge in history

Costa Brava has a rich history hidden among its shores. If you do not wish to indulge head-first in any of the above, see the small colonies throughout the small towns and villages and enjoy the architecture.

Become an artist

Cadeus birthed some of the best artists in history. Whether you’re visiting the Dali museum or walking down the streets that Picasso walked in, having a paintbrush and mingling with a canvas in Cadeus must be on everyone’s bucket list!

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