Having a Perfect Foodie Vacation

Having a Perfect Foodie Vacation

The recipe for a perfect holiday is simple, it comprises adventure, entertainment, and famous regional specialties, as well as a little surprise and entertainment.

If you like to eat and travel, it’s an irresistible combination. Therefore, the best decision you can make is to discover delicious treats on your next getaway. We make it sound easy, but it can be quite the challenge, image yourself making a selection from all the available restaurants. Luckily you can consult a travel agency like Olympic Holidays for assistance in finding the right places with the help of the following tips.

Make a test list

When planning a trip, a blogger specialising in travel and gastronomy, JB Macatulad always asks: “What are national courts? … If we go to certain cities abroad, there are regional specialties, do you just have to try to find yourself there? ” After making a list, you are looking for well-ranked restaurants in the area that serve these specialties.

Ask the residents for recommendations. The best dietary recommendations often come from the local population.

Do a trial run

After making your plans, perhaps you can do a trial run before you even go to the place, so as to not offend anybody there if you don’t like the food.

It’s sometimes a good idea to look at local restaurants that showcase the cuisine you want to explore abroad. It’s easy to get the low-down here and on other websites about various authentic menus of foods from famous locales. Try them, and if you enjoy them, then you can confidently go for the real thing whenever you travel.

Kiss the kitchen

If you do not know the local cuisine of a country, it’s tempting to stick to what you know.

“Be open to local food,” says Macatulad. “I was on tour, where many people were afraid of foreign food, which is a shame because they miss them a lot.”

Take a gastronomic tour

The first day of your trip helps you to participate in a gastronomic journey to feel the local gastronomic scene. The gastronomic tours usually lead you to at least five restaurants and bars where you can enjoy new foods and drinks.

By biting these samples, you can learn more about the history of local cuisine.

Try a local speciality

Freak shakes that are full of complex deposits were invented in Canberra, Australia. But Melbourne then took the trend and continued to run it.

“They give doughnuts, noodles, waffles and lollipops, and all kinds of silly things for smoothies, and they are charming and brilliant,” he says.

If your destination has a similar specialty, be sure to try it at least once.

Go to a food festival

Gastronomic festivals or outdoor events where you can sample dishes from various suppliers can be a great way to test the seasonal, regional produce. In other countries [Italy precisely] for example, at certain seasons there are truffle or onion festivals.

Generally, gastronomic festivals take place at the same time each year, which facilitates their planning.

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