How to Develop Your Creativity

There is a perceived and maybe real fear that the emergence of computer technology is threatening our creative spirit and that, particularly children need to be encouraged to think creatively, engage in creative activities and be given the time and space to do so.

It is easy to fall into a pattern of blaming technology for the loss of creativity and long for the days when children had to make toys from sticks and stones, but before listing some activities geared towards nourishing your creative spirit, it must be recognized, that technology too emerged through human creativity and that some of the tools available now can actually promote creativity.

Our Brains Lack Downtime

Today’s fast-paced lifestyle doesn’t lend itself to any type of downtime and all of us are constantly engaged in some form of busy activity. Right from the off when you rise out of bed, you are on a tight schedule and the to-do-list doesn’t even fit on a page. You quickly eat your breakfast and go to work and because you are listening to the radio, your brain is consuming information right away. At work, you need to get through all your tasks, at lunchtime you eat while checking your phone for messages and emails and in the evening when you get home, you just about have the energy to sit down in front of the TV and watch a movie. Weekends are not much better as you need to do house chores and apart from spending time with family and friends, you do not get any downtime at all.

Where and when in your busy life, do you allow your brain downtime? When can your brain conjure up new thoughts and ideas?

Consequently, experts have discovered, that creativity flourishes when the brain gets a break and this is just one of the aspects to consider when striving to reawaken creativity.

5 Ways of Stimulating Your Creativity

  1. Break the Habit of Business: Make yourself STOP AND SMELL THE ROSES. Experts say that creativity cannot be destroyed, but that today’s lifestyle suppresses it and that children and adults must take time out to think, reflect, be still and just be in the moment. Given time, your brain will begin to create new ideas and thoughts.
  2. Step Out of Your Comfort Zone: By stepping outside the comfort of your stressful life and engaging in new, non-consumerist activities, your creativity will be nourished and stimulated.
  3. Draw, Doodle, Paint, Sculpt, Write, Create: Even if you feel that you have no talent in these areas, making time for such activities and putting time and energy into the process will also promote creativity. Forget about perfection and just enjoy the process.
  4. Allow Yourself to Get Bored: Of late, many experts have stressed that boredom is the mother of creativity and that we should all ensure that our children are frequently bored in order for their creative mind to develop. This should come as no surprise as all of us have memories of breaking boredom with the power of our imagination.
  5. Physical Activity, Music and Meditation: Many artists greatly emphasize the importance of activities such as these, all of which are ultimately considered to clear the mind and promote the emergence of fresh thoughts.

Creativity is one of the most precious human qualities and needs to be fostered and nurtured, particularly in children. Busy lives can rob you of the brain space required and it is important to set aside time for your brain to breathe and create. Failure to do so will make us ever more dependent on outside sources of stimulation and may make your forget that your brain just might come up with the brightest idea yet.

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