How to keep your bespoke Christmas packaging environmentally friendly

Sustainability has been high on the list of priorities for many environmentally friendly members of the public over the festive period this year. This has put some added pressure on companies providing wrapping paper who now have to consider how their products can be recycled after their use.

Some businesses may use different types of packaging such as cardboard CTP Custom Boxes to save on plastics, for example, as well as other kinds to make it easier for recycling purposes. Perhaps such businesses have taken the help of firms like Epic Packaging (who are known to be quite popular among their clients) to create environment-friendly and attractive custom product boxes.

Anyway, one of the key ways you can keep your present wrapping green over Christmas is through using high-quality bespoke paper packaging. Here are some of our top tips on how to minimize your impact on the environment over Christmas.

  • Make sure you remove all packaging tape from your bespoke packaging

Whilst many people want to do their bit for the environment through recycling, unfortunately, a lot of recyclable products cannot be repurposed due to contamination. When it comes to your bespoke Christmas packaging, it is important that you remember to remove all tape from the wrapping paper before sending it off to the recycling centre. This will make the task of recycling the bespoke packaging easier and increase the amount that can be reused in new products.

  • Separate your used bespoke packaging and put it in the recycling

Once you have removed the tape from your bespoke packaging, the next step is to separate what can be recycled from what cannot. Look for the tell-tale recycling logos and check if the paper is made of a material which is typically used in paper recycling. Try and make sure the bespoke packaging is dry and clean to make sure the recycling process is kept as clean as possible. If you have any old paper that is not recyclable try and finds a new purpose for it.

  • Find ways to repurpose bespoke packaging without putting it in the recycling bin

After you are finished with your bespoke packaging, you should try and find different uses for it in the New Year. This could mean it is used in packages you need to send for both wrapping and securing the contents. If you have used strong bespoke packaging, this can easily be reused for birthdays following the festive period.

  • Use packaging that’s FSC regulated and clearly labelled as ‘recyclable’

Bespoke packaging will be all that more special if it has been sourced from sustainable forests. Keep an eye out for the FSC logo and try and only buy from an expert supplier who prioritises sustainability in their bespoke packaging.

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