Information About the Winnebago Voyage Rental

The Winnebago Voyage line offers a variety of cabin designs for motor homes and RV’s. They are sold under the names: Alpine, Chattahoochee, Cougar, Excelsior, Genie, Heirloom, Maroon, Normandy, RV-8, Rocker, Target and Vanquish. All of these come in a multitude of sizes and are made from many different materials including aluminum, vinyl, metal, vinyl coated and stucco. All have unique interior features such as built-in cabinets, sliding doors, ceiling and floor mounted sinks and a multitude of storage options.

The Winnebago Voyage comes in 7 different floor plans. Their lengths range from 24″, all the way up to 38″. They also have a recommended maximum sleeping capacity of 4 people, depending upon your manufactured design. All units come with a GVGR of 10,000 pounds.

The exterior of the winnebago has many styling options. They are available with full panels of aluminum, gray embossed grilles, red emblems and vinyl lettering. The interior uses simple colors such as blue and gray. The seats and clasps of the unit are made from durable nylon and the knobs and handles look like real wood.

One of the most unique features of this unit is the refrigerator. It comes equipped with a built in refrigerator and ice making capability. The freezer compartment is large enough to store a number of ice trays for use during the summer months. The interior of the unit has drawers that are designed to hold sodas, juices, milk, frozen dinners, peanut butter and other specialty food items. The Winnebago Voyage even comes with a sink for cleaning the exterior surfaces and an adjustable rack and shelves in the bottom freezer for storage.

The shower on the winnebago voyage is unique. It has two entry doors with soap operas above and a shelf below. The second door opens to a loft area with a bench and mirror. There is also a small sitting area inside of the compartment that is designed to be comfortable for two people while they are bathing.

The kitchen on the winnebago voyage is designed with two ovens and a full size refrigerator. The appliances are easy to reach and the seating arrangement is wide and comfortable. The counter depth dishwasher is located on the bottom half of the island and there is ample room beneath it for the food to cook. The sink on this model is large enough to accommodate a family size of twelve. There is also a double refrigerator which is built in and there is ample room for a side by side display of food.

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