Make Some Travel Cash By Selling Your Old Phones

Do you need some quick cash to fund your adventures? If you have old phones or tablets, you can sell them for recycling and get the money you need. offers the best deals you can ever get. They guarantee you the best price for your gadget. There are important issues about your phone/gadget that you should consider before sending them for recycling. They include:

  1. Contract

You should ensure that your phone is not under any kind of contract or tied to any payment agreement. This is extremely important because the new buyer may have issues putting it under their plan.

  1. Backup the device

You should go through its content and back up anything you might want to keep. These may be pictures, videos, or important contacts.

  1. Social media accounts

You should disconnect all your social media accounts from the device. There is nothing worse than having someone access all your personal information, just because you forgot to log out of the account.

Clear Your Information from the Device

You should wipe all the information from your phone using the factory restore function. On Android devices, you can do this using the settings option, and on iOS devices, you can do this in the General Settings section.


To fetch the highest prices, you should clean your phone. You can use a compressed air can to spray dust off the device. Once that is done, you can use a soft cloth to wipe the front screen.

Unlock the Phone

If your phone is tied to your cloud account or a network, you should contact the network carrier and have them unlock it. Otherwise, you will have a hard time finding a willing buyer.

Selling Your iPhone

iPhone devices have the best value in recycling companies. Gadgets in perfect condition will get you a lot more money than the damaged one. Also, the cost of your device will depend on the nature and level of damage.

Selling Your Samsung

Samsung Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S7 are among the highest-valued Android devices on the market. These phones have managed to retain their high values even through newer Samsung devices have been released. That being said, once the manufacturer stops sending updates for the phones, they will start losing their values quickly.

Selling Your Huawei

If you have Huawei P20, P20 Plus, the Huawei P30, or the P30 Pro, you are about to make a reasonable sum of money by selling them. These models are still relatively new, meaning they can fetch a good price in the recycling market. Make sure they are in the best possible condition before you send them to the recycling company.

Other Models

There are several other brands and models which can be sold on some excellent travel cash. The OnePlus 7 Pro and OnePlus 6T McLaren models are some of the easiest second-hand phones to sell. Also, your old Sony or LG can earn you good money on recycling sites. Some of the best LG phones include the V35 Thin Q and the Q6. The Xperia is still known to be the best device from Sony.


Travelling can be expensive, and that is why you need to find alternative sources of travel funds. If you have a few phones lying around the house, you should consider selling them to recycling sites. As noted above, some brands and models are bound to fetch you a reasonable price on the market. If you have a lowly-valued device, you should still sell it instead of letting it sit idly in your house. By recycling your phone, you will also be saving the environment from pollution.

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