Motorbikes you’ll see on the streets in Vietnam

Motorbikes are a very popular form of transportation in Vietnam. There are 7.4 million motorbikes in Ho Chi Minh City alone, while it is believed that there are nearly 40 million motorbikes in the whole country. The good news is that you will find motorbikes for sale on every major street in Vietnam and there are many types of motorbikes to choose from. Driving in Vietnam with a license for expats is allowed, but at the same time many people in Vietnam don’t actually have a motorbike license, as driving a motorbike is part of a daily life in the country.

You can choose to either rent or buy a motorbike in Vietnam. Short term residents or expats without much cash usually decide to rent a motorbike in Vietnam, while others simply go to one of the many motorbike shops and purchase one. What I like about motorbike shops in Vietnam is that most of them offer motorbike repairs and the maintenance costs are very low. If you decide to rent a motorbike, cost of renting starts at $50 a month.

You will see all types of motorbikes on the streets of Vietnam. The SYM Attila Automatic features small wheels, but is quite comfortable for driving. This motorbike is reliable and costs around $200. Travelers who like bigger motorbikes can be seen on the Daelim Manual Transmission, which is a Chinese motorbike that is maintained with low-quality parts. It’s quite easy to fix and costs between $450 and $800.

You will see lots of expat girls riding a motorbike in Vietnam and one of their favorites is the Yamaha Mio Automatic transmission. The downside of this motorbike is that the maintenance is high and ongoing. There are many Honda scooters in Vietnam including Chinese Honda Win Manual Transmission, Honda Cub Semi-Automatic, Honda 67 Manual, and Honda Wave Semi-Automatic. The Honda Future Semi-Automatic is a super-fast motorbike, perfect for a combination of long distance and city driving.  It costs over $600, but it’s definitely worth the price.

Similar to a Vespa in looks, SYM Elizabeth Automatic is a stylish motorbike with a flat platform for bags. Because of its cute looks, the ladies in Vietnam just love this motorbike. Honda SH 150 is one of the most pricey motorbikes you’ll see on the streets in Vietnam, while Yamaha Nouvo 4 Automatic is one of the fastest automatics on the street. There are several Suzuki Axelo Manual Transmission motorbikes on the streets of HCMC. They are perfect backpacker motorbikes with amazing power, performance, and reliability. This motorbike can be found in motorbike shops in Ho Chi Minh City for $1000.

There is a reason why motorbikes are popular in Vietnam. It’s easy getting around the city on a motorbike and you can purchase or rent one practically on every corner of the street. The variety of bikes on the streets of Vietnam is amazing and it seems that everyone is riding a different model.

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