Safety Tips For A Successful Road Trip This Summer

When you think about safety on your summer road trip, your first thoughts probably go in the direction of driver’s safety. It is important to think outside of the box when considering your road tripping plans.

Road safety isn’t the only issue to be concerned with when planning a road trip. Other factors relating to your safety as you travel should also be considered before you hit the road. Here is a brief look at some vital safety steps you should implement into your travel plans this year.

Look after the maintenance of your car

Before heading out on the open road, you want to make sure your vehicle is in the best shape possible. Breakdowns on the road can cause unnecessary fender benders and cost a chunk of money to repair.

Give your engine a facelift, and get a tune up before you drive across the country. An oil change, new spark plugs, and all new filters will give your vehicle a whole new feel. Make sure the tires are in good shape too. There’s no need for a flat when you’re trying to enjoy your vacation. And if you are traveling by truck, consider getting one of those truck bed covers to protect your road trip essentials.

Don’t advertise your travel plans

Don’t put all the details of your travel plans out into the spaces of social media before you go or as you travel. Save the Facebook updates for after you return. People often have lots of “friends” on their list that they have never met in person.

You can’t always know who is watching your movements. Someone may harbor ill will towards you and your family, and knowing that your home is empty can open up some dark paths. It’s better to keep your travel plans on the down low until you return.

Make use of the truck stops along the way

Truck stops got a bad rep thirty years ago, but now they are some of the safest places to stop. Thousands of people flow through truck stops every day, and the security at these places is often much better than your common gas station.

Truckers are held to much more stringent standards in modern times, and the atmosphere at most truck stops is one of professionalism. You can trust that your family will be safe stopping at a well-lit truck stop.

Ask your hotel all the necessary questions

Reserving your hotel accommodations online can sometimes lead you to a very scary sleeping environment. You don’t want any surprises when you arrive at your hotel. It is important to ask the right questions when vetting a hotel for you and your family.

Ask about pet fees, if you have a pet traveling with you. Ask about breakfast accommodations, as one free meal a day can make a huge difference in the budget. You may also want to know more about the setting of the hotel, so use Google Earth to get a visual of the property.

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