The Advantages of Getting LASIK Eye Surgery

LASIK eye surgery has been gaining traction and becoming popular because of the many benefits it has to offer. It frees up people from using glasses which opens up new possibilities in sports and career choices.

It also removes the need for buying contact lenses and may save money given their high replacement cost. When compared long-term, LASIK surgery might actually be cheaper than buying lenses.

How Good Is It

Reviews show that patients who went through a LASIK surgery experienced much better visual results than ever before.

Due to advancements in technology, particularly in the last ten years, the procedure has improved significantly and become much safer and more effective. For those who would like to learn more about it, you could always read more here to see if the procedure would be beneficial for you.

No Need for Glasses or Lenses

Many people are not happy about their looks when wearing spectacles. They can also be an impediment to playing sports and swimming. You can also drop your glasses by mistake, breaking the frame or cracking the lenses which can be quite expensive to replace.

Contact lenses on the other hand are also quite expensive as they need to be changed frequently.They can be painful to put on and a big headache to keeping safe and replacing daily.

People with minor problems in vision can completely get rid of their glasses and contact lenses with LASIK surgery which frees them up to pursue their dreams.

In the case of people with major eye defects, they can get their vision correction prescription reduced which may allow them to wear lighter spectacles or the option to go with contact lenses.

A Very High Success Rate has a success rate of over 96% in delivering the desired results when performed by a qualified and experienced surgeon. The surgery almost always results in improvement and additional post-surgery treatments can further enhance the vision.

Painless Procedure

The procedure is entirely pain-free and there are no blades involved. You may feel some pressure on the eye but no discomfort.

Some patients may become anxious due to the nature of the surgery and the surgeon may use drops of anesthesia to create numbness that helps remove any discomfort.

The surgery is performed for both eyes on the same day and takes less than half an hour.

There are two stages to LASIK operation, each one using a different type of laser. The first laser uses computer based technology to create a thin layer of corneal tissue.

The second laser removes excessive amount of tissue from the right places to reshape the eyeball and correct vision.

Immediate Results

The result of the surgery is an immediate improvement to the eyesight. Patients can return to work after 24 hours. The vision may be slightly blurry at first but it clears after a few hours.

Patients are given glasses to protect their eyes from dust particles and eye drops to clean the cornea. Some may experience slight dryness and your surgeon may recommend using artificial eye drops to keep your eyes moist and free from itching.

You may experience slight fluctuations in vision during the first week, but that is normal and clears in a few days. It is recommended to stay away from contact sports or swimming for at least a month to avoid any complications while your cornea adjusts naturally.

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