Things to Do When You’re Traveling in a Winnebago

Traveling in a larger RV like a Winnebago offers luxurious travel on the road but also presents some unique challenges too, like finding a suitable parking space downtown. You can drive around for over an hour trying to find a parking spot that’s wide enough and permits RV parking in some parking zoned downtown city location. For that reason alone, it’s a good idea to maximize any visits to major cities or parking-restricted towns to get all your necessary errands knocked out in a single stop.

Here are a few things to do when traveling in a Winnebago.

Take Advantage of Campgrounds

While the idea of camping may not automatically come to mind for someone who’s used to relaxing in their RV, the reality is that there’s plenty of campgrounds offering better views of nature or the coastline compared to RV parks that aren’t always ideally situated. Sometimes, to get the best of both worlds, you need to park your Winnebago up for the night and enjoy lazing in a tent instead –  check out options at My Family Tent. Take in the stars at night, the gentle sounds of the ocean hitting the shore and be at one with nature to get the most from the great outdoors while you’re in a picturesque location.

Participate in Meetups

There are plenty of YouTubers like Campervan Kevin, Eric, who publishes under the moniker Nomadic Fanatic, and others who are open to meeting their YouTuber followers on the road. Other YouTubers often convoy together to different Bureau of Land Management public land that’s free to stay for 7-14 days (depending on location).

The regular campfire chats, troubleshooting issues including getting stuck in the sand and needing a tow, and getting advice from fellow road travelers make it well worth the drive. This can be done outside of the yearly Rubber Tramp Rendezvous meetup, which is held annually in January for RV users and “van dwellers.”

Get Off the Beaten Path

Unlike travelers who use planes, trains, and automobiles, getting off the beaten path to see things that other people ordinarily don’t get to see is half the fun. While someone traveling from city to city, town to town on a Greyhound bus is restricted to walking or cab distance from the drop-off point in each city, taking the Winnebago out to less touristy locations is easy to do. Just pull up Google maps on your phone, find a suitable destination and set off. Making things up as you go along is enjoyable and makes your spontaneous travel more of a voyage of discovery, which is one of the benefits of not being tied to bus stations, train stations, and out-of-town airports to make connections.

When traveling in an RV, the pleasure of the open road and discovering what’s in the next town makes every day an experience. Sometimes good, other times not so much, being able to see different states that you’ve never been to before will expand your horizons and lets you experience the seasons differently to back home. Don’t wait too many years to get out on the road and see more of the States.

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