Three Necessities for the Beginner Sailor

If you’re just getting into sailing, you’re in for a wonderful journey. It is absolutely mindboggling just how life-changing sailing can be; even if you can only get out on the water a few times each summer. 

However, as a beginner, you might also get overwhelmed with all the stuff getting pushed on you at once. 

So, we’re going to try to ease the difficulty of your first few steps by giving you three sailing necessities you can start picking up to get yourself prepared properly. This isn’t an in-depth primer. It’s just a gentle first-purchase guide to get you started. 

Let’s go. 

1: Sailing Clothing

You didn’t think you were going to go offshore in jean shorts and a t-shirt, did you? You really need to get at least one good, complete, sailing outfit together to ensure you’re dressed properly for the activity and anything that might happen. 

Full sailing clothing typically consists of base layers, a top, bottoms, deck-friendly shoes, and a sailing jacket or windbreaker. Obviously, depending on the weather, you might not need all of that. However, having those items available will protect you during the vast majority of outings if you’re only sailing during good conditions; which is highly recommended for a beginner. 

You don’t have to go too crazy right now. Just get the basics, and as you figure out what you like to do, you can buy more specialized options. 

2: Blunt-Tip Knife

Everyone should have a knife on them at all times. Not for defense or anything like that. They’re just insanely useful. A knife can do anything from opening packages to preparing food or crafting other things you might end up needing. 

However, you need a special type of knife if you’re going to be on a boat. 

Boats rock and wobble constantly, and the deck is guaranteed to get slippery. You do not want to be waving a pointy knife around when you get knocked off your feet by a wave. 

That’s what a blunt-tip knife is for. The tip is rounded and broad; preventing it from stabbing you if you fall. Of course, the cutting edge is still sharp, and you can get cut, but at least half the problem is out of the equation. 

3: Emergency Communication

You’re a beginner, and it’s easy to get lost on the water. That’s why one of the first things you should focus on buying is an emergency communication method besides your boat’s radio. You should have one that is on your person in case anything happens to the boat, or if the boat’s radio stops working. A satellite phone is perfect for this, and if you’re only sailing during the prime sailing season, you only have to keep it activated for about three months of the year. 

Build From There

Those are just three very basic necessities you need to get your hands on, but they’re not nearly everything. After you get those, keep researching, and you’ll find at least a dozen other things you need out on the water.

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