What to Look For When Chartering a Luxury Yacht Trip

Unless you are the type to get seasick, some well deserved time in open water probably seems like a wonderful idea. Some look forward to the peace and quiet of a beautifully sunny day and others would love the opportunity to sail in a gentle rain storm. Either way, there is something about being on the water that sets it apart from life on the land.

There is less traffic, people, and cares. There may be times you have to tend to decisions that can make or break your day, but they are nothing compared to the deadline-driven, stress-filled compromises we must endure in our life on land. Does an adventure on a luxury yacht interest you, yet? If so, below are a few things to consider when booking your trip.

Sleeping Quarters

Believe it or not, there will come a time when you decide to call it a night (or day) and retreat to your quarters for some much needed rest. Before you do, you will want to make sure that it is an environment that is easy to fall asleep in.

This is a luxury cruise, right? First, look to make sure that the rooms are neat and clean and equipped with all the bedding you will need to cuddle up under the covers while you are rocked to sleep by the waves. Second, check to see if the company offers climate control. There is nothing worse than waking up on a boat in a sweat or cold as ice because the climate control is absent or not working correctly.

Also, there are quite a few of us that have to have background noise to sleep. For some, the rolling of the waves outside their window will be more than enough. Others may need the sound of a television or radio. Check out the amenities well.

Dining Options

No matter how long you choose to stay away, there will come a time when your tummy makes that all too familiar gurgling sound that tells you how low on fuel YOU are. Are you the type of person who is comfortable with cold pizza for breakfast?

Do you enjoy comfort foods such as fried chicken and homemade mash potatoes or is your pallet a little more selective? These are things to keep in mind when you are checking out the menu for your trip.

Will the company cater to your needs or do they have select menus you need to choose from? Are there set meal times or are you allowed access to the kitchen at all hours? Eating food is an integral part of how we enjoy our lives. Make sure you are happy with the dining options provided.

Length of Stay

If you are like most people, a weekend getaway is just a band-aid on the stresses of life. It helps, keep the infection away and thus keeps things from getting worse, but doesn’t do much to heal anything. If you really want the most out of a luxury yacht rental, consider taking a good seven days away from reality.

In seven days, you can recover from the damage of everyday life, rest up for round two, and reach a place of greater focus. This always helps when we return to our land life. Projects that seemed impossible now have easier solutions.

Bosses that seemed incorrigible are now better tolerated and even stresses at home are easier to handle. All because you spent the time and effort to make sure your rest and relaxation had enough time to naturally unfold.  

Looking for some time away from the landlocked tension of life? Follow these tips and find the perfectly fitting yacht adventure for you.  

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