Wining and Dining for Business: Coping With the Health and Fitness Challenge

If you spend regular time away from home on business trips it can be a challenge to combat the effects of swapping several heavy dinners and drinks at the expense of your regular trips to the gym.

There are obvious health benefits attached to staying in shape and watching your diet but it can be hard to stay on that better path when you have a diary full of business dinners and meetings.

Here are some pointers on how to cope with that tough health and fitness challenge of traveling on business, including how to anticipate an interruption to your usual routine, ways to keep fit while away, plus the best healthy approach to frequent flying.

Making up for lost time

A good tactic to help you stay on track with your fitness regime would be to plan ahead for when you are away and try to compensate for those days lost to business travel.

If you check your diary and see that you will lose something like about two weeks in total of the month working away, you can anticipate that this absence will mean missing out on some gym time and pressure on keeping to your usual diet.

The ultimate aim is always to burn enough calories to keep in shape so a good response to this dilemma would be to schedule in some extra gym sessions while you are at home as a way of compensating for the exercise you will be missing out on while away.

Use the hotel facilities

Places like the Marriott SpringHill Suites can normally offer you access to gym facilities or point you to what’s available nearby, so another good way of combatting the effects of a few extra business dinners would be to work some gym time into your diary while you are away.

Most hotel gyms tend to offer you a standard range of equipment that includes a treadmill and some weights. This will be sufficient for doing some cardio work and a few well-chosen body-weight exercises will also be able to achieve in even a fairly basic gym.

The hidden threat to your fitness

Spending plenty of the time in the air on your way to different destinations is tough at the best of times but add in the issue of poor air quality and alcohol and you could be making your immune system work overtime.

The air on planes is often cleaner than you are led to believe but in order to maintain that quality, you can find that the cabin suffers from arid conditions with poor humidity levels. If you drink any alcohol on the plane along with your calorie-laden meal you are going to compromise your health and fitness before you even arrive at your destination.

Resist the temptation to drink any booze and drink plenty of water to stay hydrated. Drinking plenty of water is integral to maintaining health and fitness so don’t let regular flights take their toll.

If you think about ways to combat the negative impact of business travel on your health and fitness you should be able to cope with a hectic schedule with greater ease.

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