Connecting with people both through travel and art is one of my main goals because there is always a possibility of future co-creation or embarking on a joint journey. Regardless of whether you are seeking information on Oshkosh, Winnebago, street art or enquiring about the services I provide, make sure to get in touch. You can do so on the contact form below.

If you are unsure about getting in touch, here are some of the reasons, people have been contacting me:

  • Travel: If you require travel information about my area, places to see and things to do, you may contact me for some top advice. If you have discovered a place of great beauty, value or excitement that I may not be familiar with, let me know. I am also happy to post information about your yet unknown place of interest.
  • Oshkosh/Winnebago: I love my hometown and the beautiful surrounds and can tell you exactly where to go, what to do and how to get there, because I know the area like the back of my hand. I can also put you in touch with like-minded people or point you in the direction of services you may require. If you are from the area and would like to collaborate in the promotion of this great part of the world, make sure to get in touch.
  • My Services: I am always looking for new clients and if you have a painting to commission, logo or banner to design or a similar project, drop me a line with your requirements. Together we can discuss the details and I will quickly go on to creating your piece through a guest post or writing for us. If you want to find out more then visit my Publish Your Guest Post page and you can find out more about guest posting.
  • Collaboration: Artists working together bring out the best in each other, I have found. On several occasions, I was lucky enough to work with other artists and would invite anyone to suggest a project to team up on. Joining artistic forces always allows the most amazing flow of creative juices. Working together in the area of travel is equally valuable.
  • Art Projects: The importance of art projects must never be underestimated and I urge anyone who is organizing or knows of an upcoming arts project to allow me to promote it. The greater the number and the more prevalent art becomes in society, the greater the benefit to all.
  • Art Education: Introducing kids and adults to art appreciation or creation is also one of my goals and if you are an educator in need of an artistic input, I will be more than happy to oblige.
  • Art Drive: It is vital to keep art alive, to promote and protect and to campaign for more art space. Artists joining together can form a more powerful voice and work towards making art forever present in society. Businesses can support the art drive financially or by making space available for exhibits, education programs or promotional activities.
  • Street Art: Art must be freed from the confinement of galleries and brought out into as many public spaces as possible. Whether you would like to create new street art, promote little seen work or join in a campaign to make art space available, I would like you to get in touch with me. You could be a sculptor, graffiti artist, painter or promoter, let’s connect and explore the creation of new street art and campaign for new space.
  • All Things Creative: Even if your request is not listed here or the information you can provide not described either, my creative spirit will only delight in “outside the box” ideas whatever they may be.
  • Random Reasons: Even if your reason for contacting me may seem random on the surface, be aware that I will always be glad to hear from you.

How to Get in Touch

You can use the contact form below to get in touch. I check both on a daily basis and will make sure to respond quickly.

Connecting with other artists or art lovers as well as fellow-travelers and visitors is one of my favorite things and throughout life I have met some amazing individuals and made many friends along the way. I have learned that life itself is a creative process and that the people we encounter on our travels through life help us to learn and grow into amazing works of art.