Top Places to Visit If You’re a Wild Nature Lover

There’s little things more rewarding than being a little bit accepted into a different world of wild nature. Spotting wild animals just doing their everyday tasks is a relatively rare experience, but you get more chances if you travel to special protected parks. There are some hotspots where an experienced guide will move you the closest to the wonders of wild nature you’ve only seen in pictures.

Spot #1: South African Addo Elephant Park

Rather than seeing a suffering elephant in a circus or a cage in a zoo, come closer to these creatures in their natural habitat. There’s a special hide for visitors located near a watering hole where elephant families go. You can see how the parents care about their children, how they play and interact.

Here you also can see smaller inhabitants of the area, including kugus, meerkats, mongooses, buffalos, etc.

Spot #2: Borneo’s Kinabatangan River

Daytime and nighttime here brings different animals and birds to your view. During the day, within oil palm plantations you may see a lot of macaques, as well as endangered species like Borneo orangutans. When you look up, you’ll see several different species of hornbill fly.

During the night, it’s possible to spot Borneo pygmy elephants, Philippine slow lorises, and if you’re lucky, flat-headed cats (also an endangered species).

Spot #3: India’s Kanha Tiger Reserve

Your search for big cats ends here, in the middle of the country. You can see different species of big cats in the reserve, including Bengal tigers and leopards. Other visitors may be sloth bears, Indian wolves, and more.

To make sure you see the most this place has to show, plan a trip to this wild nature reserve in spring. From March to May the forest is quite dry, and the big cats like to settle down by the places where there’s still water left.

Spot #4: Australia’s Kangaroo Island

South Australia will blow your mind with the amount of wild nature it has. One of the most important spots is the Kangaroo Island, bur you’ll see so many more species than kangaroos there. It’s famous for its sea lion colonies, koalas, platypuses, fur seals, and more. Due to the park’s policy, you’re not allowed to interact with the animals, so they are very loyal to human visitors.

Seeing wildlife should be one of the top points on a list of every traveler. There are so many species you can observe to fully realize the diversity of life on our lovely planet.

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