3 Safe Drinking Tips To Practice While Traveling

Traveling can be a great way to gain some valuable experiences and learn more about yourself and the area you’re visiting. As part of this traveling, many people like to kick back and relax by having a few drinks. However, if you’re not careful, drinking in a new environment or in a different country could lead to some very unsavory events. So to ensure you have a great time on your vacation without running into any bad experiences, here are three tips for safe drinking while you’re traveling the world.

Plan Ahead for Transportation

If you know you’re going to be out drinking during the evening, it’s a good idea to plan ahead when it comes to getting yourself back to your hotel or other accommodations. Without this plan, you may end up getting behind the wheel when you shouldn’t or lowering your inhibitions in a dangerous scenario. To help you be safe and make the best decisions for yourself, Chrisanne Grise, a contributor to the Huffington Post, suggests that you plan to always go out with someone else who you trust to help ensure you get back home safely. There’s safety in numbers, so try not to go out alone in a place you’re unfamiliar with.

Only Drink What You’re Familiar With

While you might want to take the opportunity to have to be in a different area to try some new foods and drinks, you may want to steer clear of drinking any alcohol that you’re unfamiliar with. In different countries, there are different alcoholic products that are made in different ways to produce different percentages of alcohol in them. This means that although you may think the drink you just order will be tolerable for you, you could easily be mistaken. Because of this, Young Scot recommends that you only buy brand name drinks that you know you’re familiar with. This will help ensure you don’t end up drinking something you’d rather not.

Always Watch Your Drinks

Although during your travels isn’t the only time that someone could tamper with your drinks, it’s important that you’re vigilant about drink tampering when you’re away from home and your comfort zone. That’s why, according to Safe Spring Break, you should always keep an eye on your drink. This means that you don’t accept open drinks from someone you don’t know. Also, don’t leave your drink unattended. It’s very easy for someone to slip something into your drink that could compromise your ability to remain in your normal state of mind, so do what you can to protect yourself from this possibility.

If you plan to travel and want to enjoy yourself with a few drinks, consider using the tips mentioned above to help you be safe with indulging.

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