5 Reasons To Go Away For Substance Abuse Rehabilitation

One of the hardest decisions you’ll ever make in your life is to break your favorite addiction. Often, those who are addicted (in one way or another) use their addiction as a safety blanket. It seems like a silly way to “protect” yourself, but addiction is comfortable for some.

Getting away from the life that supports your substance abuse issues is a critical step towards recovery. If you’re considering traveling away for a recovery program like in Transcend Recovery Community, read through this short list of some of the reasons why going away can help you succeed in your recovery.

Sometimes home is a stressful place

Traveling away from your hometown for rehab is one of the best decisions you’ll ever make. Most addicts don’t have a very supportive and loving family unit, and breaking away from those stressors is vital for recovery.

A high percentage of addicts have dealt with abuse stemming directly from their nuclear family unit. Trying to get well when you’re still immersed in those complicated relationships is extremely difficult.

Traveling can offer more targeted treatment options

Not everyone who needs help with substance abuse lives near a suitable treatment center. Sometimes traveling is the only way to find the care that you need. People with uncommon addiction problems may need to seek out specialized treatment.

You may also need a chance to come down before you enter rehabilitation. Not every treatment center offers its own detox program.

If your body is chemically addicted to a substance, it can be dangerous to stop using. You need the help of trained professionals and proper medication to safely wean your body from the drug.

The hope of a new beginning

Traveling to a treatment facility far away from what you call home is a shot at a new beginning. Addicts need a reason to make plans for the future. Use your treatment time to plan how you might stay sober once you leave the facility.

Seeking treatment in a new location can give you the hope for something new once you complete the initial rehabilitation program. A new start is enough to strike a fire in the heart of an addict hoping to be well.

Escape from the land of triggers

When you seek treatment in your hometown, you face the reality of continued immersion in the culture of your disease. You will see the same people, see the same places, and be triggered by the same triggers. It is easier to step away from it all for a while, and seek substance abuse treatment elsewhere.

Traveling away from the familiar helps you be vulnerable

Finally, when you travel away from the familiar, you are typically much more vulnerable. You’ll need to allow yourself to be vulnerable for treatment to work. It’s okay to be scared. Use the fear to drive your fight for sobriety.

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