A Closer Look at the Intriguing World of Cruise Ship Holidays

Relaxation and adventure await guests on many of the cruise lines. The cruising experience can involve a wide range of activities such as cultural tours, dancing, swimming, rock climbing, sailing, tours of historical landmarks and a variety of social and sporting activities.

The biggest cruise lines have an array of activities, all based on the different cruise itineraries. In particular, Royal Caribbean’s cruises emphasize relaxation.

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Cruise liners are becoming increasingly popular with senior travellers for a variety of reasons.

According to Alana Luizzi, an executive director at the Cruise Association International, senior travellers are seeking more adventure in their vacations.

Lisette Anderson, an associate director at travel group About.com, recommends seniors take the cruise holiday. She suggests that older vacationers have “social commitments, hobbies, and close friends, so it is important to maintain a balance of adult pursuits, working out, yoga and nutrition.”

Anderson adds that cruises are more flexible than a vacation in a traditional hotel, “Cruising also offers a way to see things that may be off the beaten path.”

So how can senior cruise enthusiasts take their adventure and vacation by cruising?

Anderson said that cruise lines have an array of onboard activities. These cruises include:

A variety of activities such as yoga, hiking, rock climbing, kayaking, shopping, dancing, cultural tours and more

Recreational clubs and sports clubs, open to all cruisers

A wealth of dining options for all ages

A health spa to work on post-cruise discomforts and stress

A spa for rejuvenation and relaxation

River cruises and high seas adventures

Engagement with families, friends and youth

Dining and entertainment choices

While most cruise lines do not have younger travellers sailing on their cruises, according to Anderson, cruise lines have programs to provide entertainment and recreation for all age groups.

Family cruises have different themes such as Carnival Cruise Lines Carnival Escape, Disney Cruises Cruiseline Fever and Norwegian Cruise Lines Oceania. These cruises have different themes to appeal to all ages.

Several companies are offering cruises to destinations in specific countries. Holland America Line’s European Voyage has a week-long cruise to five countries, including: Austria, Greece, Germany, Italy and France.

Cruise liners provide quality entertainment for all ages. There are shows and dances that typically include stars and celebrities.

According to Maria Craddock, an independent cruise travel consultant, cruises are an exciting way to see a variety of places at once, while enjoying a holiday that may not be available anywhere else.

Cruises are a great way to avoid traditional hotel accommodation, especially when the cost of hotels is much higher, considering everything that comes as part of each of the value propositions of each accommodation choice.

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