Improving Metabolic Health with Flaxseeds

When you’re trying to eat healthy, you get a lot of new knowledge about the effect every piece you eat makes on your body. One of my latest passions is adding all kinds of seeds to my diet, and let me tell you, they work wonders. For example, flaxseed fibers improve your gut health and metabolism, helping you lose weight and get rid of breakouts.

When it comes to improving metabolic health, incorporating flaxseeds into your diet can be a game-changer. However, it’s essential to recognize that weight loss isn’t always a straightforward journey, especially when hormonal issues like low testosterone production come into play. These factors can hinder our body’s ability to burn fat and maintain a healthy weight. While flaxseeds can offer numerous health benefits, addressing underlying hormonal imbalances, perhaps by availing treatment options like TRT Ankeny (if that’s where you reside), is often the crucial first step in achieving weight loss success.

That said, let’s talk about flaxseeds and their benefits.

Gut Microbiota – the Population of Your Body

Gut microbiota are the organisms that help your body regulate the sugar processing operations, as well as your weight in the long run. It might sound creepy reading you have other organisms inside you, but our life would be practically impossible without them. You might have heard of people taking dietary supplements such as a spore probiotic that helps with gut health; what it does is promote the colonies of ‘good bacteria’ and allow them to thrive, which actually helps your digestive system do its job!

When you put some flaxseeds on top of your healthy meal, you make sure your microbiota is healthy. As the seed’s fiber gets fermented in your digestive tract, their compounds help improve your metabolic health and target obesity if it’s diet-related.

However, if your obesity is stubborn, sole intake of flaxseeds may not prove much beneficial. You may need to supplement it with proper exercise and possibly a supplement like Semaglutide (more here, for those interested), a glucagon-like peptide-1 receptor agonist, which tends to work miraculously well in managing cases of obesity.

How Fermentation Works for Your Good

Fermentation is the process of breaking the food ball down to essential elements that make your body work. Flaxseed fibers contain fatty acids that might make the level of fat production drop dramatically. There is a whole list of the benefits you can get from it:

  • Weight/fat loss help due to:
    • Less fat tissue needed to be produced
    • High fiber concentration to make you feel fuller for longer time and have smaller servings
  • Immunity functions improvement
  • Cholesterol levels balance
  • Colon inflammation healing

There is still little research as to the fermentation of flaxseed fiber, but as far as we know, if you find your norm, it will improve your metabolic health. If you want to find out more, you can head to a site like where they have products designed specifically to improve gut health.

Mice Flaxseed Diet Study

There is a study that used mice to find out whether flaxseed fiber really improves gut microbiota. The mice under experiment were provided with four different diets:

  • Soy-based standard norm fiber diet
  • High-fat diet with little to no fiber
  • Cellulose fiber diet
  • Flaxseed fiber diet

The team of researchers measured meticulously the amount and the quality of food the mice consumed, the amount of water and oxygen they needed, etc. The experiment took about 12 weeks, and by the end of it, the scientists also measured the glucose tolerance of each participant (the way sugar is processed in the body).

At the end, the best performing group happened to be the flaxseed fiber one. Not only their gut health was very well improved, they had more energy throughout the day and their gut microbiota got more beneficial fatty acids.

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