Yacht trip during autumn

Although it may seem that the holidays are over, October is still a great time to organize a dream trip on a yacht. Croatia is especially worth recommending during this period. Why should you go there at the beginning of autumn?

Yachts charter in the high season can be problematic. In July and August Croatian beaches and towns are full of tourists and finding a place in the port often borders on a miracle. Therefore, many people decide to leave at slightly later date — this solution has a number of advantages!

It’s worth it because it’s cheaper

People who go to Croatia for the first time outside the peak period are often surprised how much cheap services and products there are. From the cost of accommodation to eating out in restaurants — prices can be up to 30% lower which is a serious saving. Autumn is also a time when it is easier to find an affordable yacht charter offer, e.g. in the last minute option. The money that we save on basic costs can always be spent on more attractions!

It’s worth it because it’s calmer

As most people traditionally choose holidays during the hottest months, October in Croatia tempts with calmness and lack of crowds. This is the time when we can easily find a place for a yacht in the most popular ports and spread out on the beach. All monuments and towns have more space, which allow to calm sightseeing and relax. Therefore if you are going to Croatia in September, you can forget about queues and traffic jams!

It’s worth it because it’s still warm

Warm and even hot! The water temperature is maintained at a high level (approx. 23 °CC) due to the fact that the sea is solidly heated after the summer months. What’s more, air temperatures can also reach up to 20-degrees so with a little luck we will be able to bring back the tan. But it is worth knowing that the autumn weather in Croatia is less reliable than during July and August — there are storms and rains. However, each medal has two sides — the beginning of autumn is a period of stronger winds, which will definitely please everyone who wants to sail properly.

There will be of course more reasons! Autumn is a fantastic time to visit and sail around Croatia — then we will feel comfort and peace and the trip will definitely be among the most successful.

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