Best Nightlife Locations in Europe for a Bomb Party

If you want to see everything Europe has to offer, going for a night-out is a must do. These countries can surprise you not only with the variety of languages, beautiful architecture, and the fact that you can cross a country in a couple of hours. Vivid nightlife lovers will also find a plethora of places to go lose themselves to dance. Let’s look at some of the best European cities to do that.

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Amsterdam gave us Armin van Buuren and Tiësto, no doubt it can gift you with the best night of your life. If you want to remember everything precisely as it was, I’d recommend to do your best to avoid local coffee shops. In clubs here you’ll hear a lot of trance, but also contemporary pop and hip-hop, some deep-house and techno, etc. There are a lot of dance events here, with thousands of DJs and never-stopping parties.

Berlin, Germany

Berlin has good music, cheap but delicious beer, and lots of opportunities to make friends during your nightlife adventures. Here you’ll hear a lot of techno tracks, more than anywhere else. If you don’t want to choose a club for too long, opt for the biggest one in town – Berghain. The city also has a lot of open air events to offer, especially in summer.

Mykonos Island, Greece

People start partying way before noon here, so if you’re looking for some wild beach fun, Mykonos is for you. The best time to come here is, of course, in summer. And the best place to lodge is the mykonos luxury villas. The weather in Mykonos is generally warm. Here, you will witness a lot of young people from all over the world, and the music never stops. The island is very gay-friendly as well, so there are literally no boundaries.

Prague, Czech Republic

Prague is a relatively affordable city in comparison with Amsterdam or Berlin. But it doesn’t reflect on the quality of partying you can have here with top-notch DJs and good beer. There are literally hundreds of types of beer and you can try them all to find your best. Clubs here don’t close at 3 am like in Stockholm, for example, so you can dance all night and then go see the beauties of the city if you feel adventurous.

If you’ve been everywhere and want something new, try Budapest or Belgrade. They aren’t usually on the list of clubbing locations and it’s too bad. Their pool parties and floating clubs will blow your mind, but if you want to go there, opt for late spring or summer.

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