Dos and Don’ts of a Wild but Delightful Night Out

Not everyone can remember at least one completely successful nightlife adventure. People lose their phones, lose their minds, get into fights, or can’t remember anything the next morning. It’s easy to get out of control, because you wait the whole week, a month, or even more to meet your friends and go partying. And when you start to party, it’s extremely difficult to stop when the time comes – infact, you may wish to read this to learn how to help the somewhat inevitable hangover that you will suffer every now and then if you are serious party animal!

However, if you follow some relatively easy dos and don’ts of a night out, you’ll finally be able to have a successful night out without too many repercussions the following day.

Dos of a Successful Night Out

  • Have some extra money hidden for a taxi, driving drunk can lead to horrendous consequences.
  • In case you’re planning a leisurely night out, RPD Limo or other similar companies might be able to provide you with a limousine to drive you around while you are bar hopping.
  • Go home as soon as you get this thought – this might be the first signal but it often turns out to be the last before you black out.
  • Take a jacket or a cardigan with you, even if you don’t think it will match the outfit. After the party is over (I mean early morning), it will get pretty chilly, and you don’t want to catch cold.
  • Have a good meal at home or the best local steakhouse before the party, even if the belt gets too tight afterwards. The food will be digested pretty soon, but the energy you’ll get from it will help you stay conscious and have fun.
  • Take lots of pictures just in case you have too much fun and will need to put the whole night together the next morning.
  • Drink a glass of water before going to sleep after the party is over, because alcohol dehydrates your body dramatically. Water will help your organs get rid of alcohol sooner, and the hangover won’t be as bad.

Don’ts of a Successful Night Out

  • Don’t wear uncomfortable shoes just because they look good. After a few dances, your legs won’t thank you for that, especially if you choose the highest heels you own.
  • Don’t mix drinks, or at least not too much, because they may mess your mind up during the night and mess your stomach up, even more, the next morning.
  • Don’t send drunk texts, no matter how important you think they may be. Everything seems more dramatic when you’re drunk, so keep your phone away.
  • Don’t agree to a ride home with strangers and make sure you use a reliable taxi service. This is to ensure you wake up in your own bed alone or with close friends in the morning and not with a surprise.
  • Don’t opt to drive if you have had too much to drink on your night out. If you do opt to do so and get caught, you might have to get in touch with an experienced DUI defense lawyer to fight your case.

These tips aren’t too hard to incorporate into your pre-, post-, and the actual party routine, but you will thank yourself the next morning.

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