Visiting the biggest Casinos in Europe

For the USA, size has always mattered. From the biggest steaks to the longest roads, the States won’t be rivalled for portions or scale.

But there are some spots in the casino world which try to match those across the Atlantic, both in grandeur and size. Round the clock gambling, surrounded by neon lights, trays of drinks and an endless food supply, Europe now boasts some of the biggest casinos in the world. Of course, the online casino world is not one to be outdone either, which is why the online casino database is a great way for people to find the casinos that appeal to them the most, so they can play digitally as well as physically.

Imagine playing the most loved games in the gambling industry in some of the most amazing landmarks in the world? It’s so extraordinary that you might not be able to think about anything else. Most people these days might make use of firefox vpn extension or similar extensions to enjoy their favorite casino games from the confines of their home. That being said, some people may not be aware that such casinos even exist, especially if they enjoy gambling online instead. And with the growing changes in technology, people are asking the question of what will we see in the future concerning the online gambling world and how it will affect us?

Until then, why don’t we take a look at some of the biggest and most lavish venues available on the continent.

Casino Estoril, Lisbon, Portugal

This is a beachside casino in beautiful Estoril, spanning an enormous 26,900 square feet – that’s more than one square foot per Estoril inhabitant!

The casino’s construction began just over 100 years ago and is believed to have been the inspiration for Sir Ian Fleming’s Casino Royale, owing to it being a reputed hotspot for spies to gather during the Second World War.

With a great setting and being only 11 miles from Lisbon, it is one of the biggest casinos in Europe, home to over 1,200 gaming machines. Most people would have to go online to sites like fun88 to get close to that number of options!

Casinò di Campione, Como, Italy

A move from old premises (just next door) in 2007 to a new and improved facility gives this casino a total floor space of 590,000 square feet. There are nine floors of casino space, three floors for parking and space for 56 tables. Not insignificant!

The size of the casino is only added to by its amazing setting, on the shores of Lake Lugano. Worth a visit for gambling fans and others alike. If you want to practise beforehand, check for a guide on safe, real money online gaming.

Casino de Monte Carlo, Monaco, France

Monte Carlo is obviously known for its opulent surroundings and mega-rich residents. Yachts, modern villas and apartments line the waters of this millionaire’s paradise, so the Casino de Monte Carlo provides a contrasting, palatial venue dating back to 1863.

The outside is littered with supercars but, interestingly, citizens of Monte Carlo are not allowed inside the 102,000-square-foot casino floor. There is a strict ID at the door policy to ensure that they do not get in. Quirky.

The inside of the casino is the very definition of grandeur. There are balconies with roulette tables, known as ‘gaming terraces’ with views of the stunning bay of Roquebrune.

The Casino at the Empire, London, UK

The Empire is housed in what was once an old Victorian Music Hall, located in the heart of Leicester Square in London.

Across the square you’ll often see the hottest A-Listers attending film premieres, but you’ll also sometimes get them in the cinema along the corridor.

You get the feel of Las Vegas inside the buildings casino; typically bright and shiny, intricate carpets, dark wooden tables and crystal chandeliers. Being smack-bang in the middle of one of the best cities in the world doesn’t hurt it either.

The casino has 55,000 square feet of casino space spanning two floors, with food and refreshments aplenty. Crammed with the usual dose of electronic gaming machines makes this an easy access land-based gaming venue.

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