3 Tips For Planning A Big Backpacking Trip

If you love travelling and the outdoors, you may feel compelled to visit some famous mountain ranges worldwide to take them on. While this can be a great experience and the perfect way to scratch your travelling and outdoor adventure itches, it can also take quite a bit of planning to ensure that everything goes the way you’re hoping. So to help ensure that you can do everything you want on this excursion, here are three tips for planning a big backpacking trip.

Know Your Limits

Before you set out to do something like an Everest Base Camp trek, you first want to ensure that this type of expedition will be within the limits you’re able to accomplish. According to TheSummitRegister.com, it will be safest to pick a route that’s either at your current skill level or a little easier than you’re comfortable with. Especially if you’ll be travelling far for this trip, you want to give yourself the best chance of completing this outdoor experience in a positive manner. If you are looking to push yourself, ensure you’ve done adequate training before leaving for your journey. You could always do another easier route, such as the Annapurna base camp trek, if you are a less experienced hiker and feel Everest would be too hard.

Triple Check The Weather

While you likely won’t know exactly what the weather will be like on the specific day you plan your climbing, you can get a good feel for the general weather patterns by doing some good research before you plan the dates for your trip. According to StartBackpacking.com, you want to be at least sure you’re not planning to take your big backpacking trip during the rainy season, wherever you’ll be adventuring. Travelling during the shoulder season of whatever area you’ll be going to will be ideal for you so you can avoid higher costs and larger crowds.

Get The Permits You Need

Depending on where you plan to be backpacking, hiking, or mountaineering, you will want to check if you need a permit for the exact hike or route you want to take. According to Dennis Lewon, a contributor to Backpacker.com, places with permitted trails will not let you hike their trails if you don’t have the necessary permits. Regardless of how far you went to get there or how much money you spent to arrive at that location, you’ll want to get those required permits as one of the first things you do before planning the rest of your trip. In some instances, you might be able to get a last minute permit, but you definitely don’t want to rely on that.

If you want to take a big backpacking trip soon, consider using the tips mentioned above to help you prepare for this adventure travel.

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